Think globally, act locally.

London Councils dump 751,000 tonnes of waste into landfills each year – that’s the weight of 75 Eiffel Towers. At LEAP, we’re committed to cleaning up our city and working towards a more sustainable future.

Here at LEAP we are committed to cleaning up London. Our mission is to give citizens the most effective tools to practice living sustainably. At the moment, the cards are stacked against us, as climate change and other various obstacles continue to gain momentum in making our world an uninhabitable place for the future, but this fight is far from decided. With the help of our staff and thousands of volunteers, over the last 8 years of our existence we have educated thousands of citizens while cleaning up the city we call home. While we are quite proud of our accomplishments since our beginnings, we know there is still much to be done to make this world a cleaner and more sustainable place. Through hard work and commitment to our community, we are confident that small efforts can have a major impact on ensuring that this Earth can once again become the beautiful, healthy planet it once was. If you are interested and believe in our mission, please join us to stand up for a cleaner tomorrow. To help us in our pursuits, visit the volunteer page to learn about how you can do so. To learn even more about our awesome organization, visit any of our pages, including the “LEAP” and “Media” page.

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