Meet the team at London Environmental Action Project

Communications Director –

Shelby Holtzman

Our Communications Director, Shelby Holtzman, is a University of Colorado Boulder alumni with a degree in Strategic Communications and emphasis in Advertising. Day to day she is responsible for L.E.A.P’s press releases, internal and external communications, and media contact. Her favorite part about living in London is all the diverse cuisine to choose from!

Fundraising Coordinator-

Ellie Karol

Our Fundraising Coordinator, Ellie Karol, is a University of Minnesota-Twin Cities alumni. She has a degree in Sociology of Law, Crime, and Deviance with an emphasis on Business, Organization, and Non-Profit. She also has a minor in Communication Studies. Day to day she is responsible for organizing fundraising efforts and coordinating volunteer opportunities. Her favorite part about living in London is the ease of the transportation system!

President & Treasurer –

Michael Bonfe

Our President and Treasurer, Michael Bonfe, is a University of Minnesota alum with a bachelors degree in Finance. His main duties for LEAP are overseeing and planning the goals and directions the organization moves. He is also in charge of the finances for the organization. His favorite part about living in London is going to Borough Market on Saturdays with his mates.

Strategy Director –

Dinneen Graff

Our strategy director, Dinneen Graff, is a University of Minnesota alum with a masters degree in Health Communications. At LEAP, she is responsible for developing and executing our strategy plan as well as overseeing short and long term goals for the organization in the future. Her favorite part about London is how much there is to do and see!

Human Resources Officer –

Ben Brandt

Ben Brandt is an alumni of the University of Minnesota. Previously, he studied abroad in London, England, at the CAPA Education Network. Ben received a degree in Political Science with a minor in Mass Communications and Sociology. Ben’s duties at LEAP are to develop and enforce human resource policy within the organization. In addition, he is also in charge of the recruitment and hiring process. Ben loves staying up to date with current political events all over the world! His favorite thing to do in London is to attend Chelsea games!

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